Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Perfect Potato Salad

Strangely enough Robin came to help with a BBQ, and we realized that both her dad's and my mom's potato salad are one and the same!!

12 medium red potatoes

12 hard-boiled eggs

1½ cups mayonnaise

Salt to taste

Rinse the potato skin and remove any eyes or rough patches with a vegetable peeler. Quarter and boil the potatoes in lightly salted water until a fork runs through the large pieces easily. About 20 minutes.

Drain the potatoes and chill at least an hour.

To hard-boil eggs: Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add the eggs and bring back to a boil for 1 minute. Turn off heat, cover tightly, and let the eggs cook for 12 minutes. You’ll have perfect eggs with bright yellow yolks!

Chop the eggs and potato into bite-sized pieces. Add the mayonnaise and season with salt.

Note: This salad is great as-is. But feel free to add a dash of one of the following: Celery salt, white pepper, Tabasco, Lawry’s Seasoning Salt, or curry powder.

Judy Buroker and Jeff Gray

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